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Winter Storage

               STORAGE CONTRACT


Our storage facilities consist of two secured locked buildings, one with a concrete floor and one with a sandy shale floor. Our facilities are ventilated, clean & dry, with daily monitoring and video surveillance. We also have an asphalt and grass parking area.


  • While every reasonable precaution will be taken to prevent theft, fire and/or any other damage to your property, we WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR DAMAGE while it is being stored on our premises. Storage is AT YOUR OWN RISK, we will not be held responsible for property damage to your stored unit, its contents or attachments, or to the surrounding items. This also includes while towing your stored unit into and out of the facility. Please ensure you have proper insurance coverage & that all lights and brakes are working on your stored unit. Also make sure there is no food of ANY KIND left in your unit.


  • Place storage insurance on your property while left on our property as we have no coverage on it while it is here.

  • Winterize your property.

  • *Lock your property and take keys with you, unless it is a motorized vehicle.*                                  

  • *Tie awnings, place propane tanks and covers inside unit.*

  • *Take battery off unit and store at your home for the winter.*

  • We will not be held responsible for damage done by rodents. We suggest some sort of Rodent Pellets or deterrents.

  • Do not leave TV or valuables in unit during storage.

         *NOTE*  ( This depends on unit being stored )


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