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Our Products

We do three things at Island Instant Turf: grow sod, cut sod and deliver sod. The sod farm is our only focus. Our sod is all high quality Kentucky Bluegrass and we offer it in two different sizes.

Small Roll Sod

Small roll comes on a pallet and a full pallet of small roll sod is a total of 70 square yards. Which is 630 square feet or 84 square meters. A single small roll measures 6 1/2 feet by 16 inches.

Big Roll Sod

A single big roll is 25 square yards. Which is 75 square feet or 25 square meters.


Along with the big roll we also have installs available. These are in the form of either a quick attach for a skid steer or a three point hitch attachment for a tractor.

Sod: Length x Width (in feet) divided by 9 = square yards.

In the case of sod always add 5 to 10% of extra material to account for contouring and cutting in around obstacles such as trees, flower beds, walkways, etc.

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